Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the release of saturn

Now that Saturn has just left Virgo behind, it's de perfect moment to take an instant breath, and think about the so desired freedom to come.
Although Saturn will be retrogade still during April/July 2010, imposing a one more checking on the new directions,
Consider...!!! There will be a general release, for everyone...
The tension existed between Saturn and Uranos is fading away, no doubts about "if I stay or if I go"...
We're going to break into definite changes, nothing to hold us back.
Time to jump, or to passively assist everything beeing swept around, and a new mode of life beeing stablished.
Better be the master.
Get ready!!!

1 comment:

  1. thats exactly how I'm feeling. Breaking the shackles and leaving the burden behing. Jumping on the unkown emptiness and feeling confident enough that I will soar instead of fall. You Luiza is my guiding light in this journey. I am sure that you know I'm serious. Its not the matter that I need you. I've elected you as something special.What we need we cant love. Not at this point in life. We are all ripe sufficiently to make choices and out of those make things happen. You made me to make you too. like a giant wheel. Only by those words of yours plus your sincere attention I became stuffed with new creative energy. Thank you holy Saturn.